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Offering Boat Storage in Lincoln County, WA

As a boat owner, you already understand the joy of heading out on the water on a warm summer’s afternoon. However, during the winter months, your boat needs special care, including proper storage. At Tom’s Boat Shop, we offer professional boat storage in Lincoln County, WA, for all your marine storage needs.

Properly storing your boat ensures that the elements do not damage it and that it is ready to go when the warm weather comes again. When you choose us to store your boat, you are getting a full-service storage facility with both indoor and outdoor storage options.

We also offer complete winterization packages that cover everything from transportation to shrink wrapping. Reach out to our shop to discuss the storage services we provide and see for yourself the importance of keeping your boat safe for the winter.

Getting Ready For Winter

Before storing your boat for the winter, it needs to be completely winterized. At our shop, we take care of the entire process. We start by picking up your boat in the fall with our boat delivery service. This same service is used to return the boat in the spring.

Once we bring the boat to our full-service shop, we begin the winterization process to prepare your boat for storage. This process typically includes:

Flushing the Engine 

Changing Fluids and Filters

Adding Stabilizer to Fuel Tanks

Draining Water Tanks

Adding Non-Toxic Antifreeze to Water Tanks

Cleaning Bilges

Cleaning the Hull

After winterizing your boat, we shrink wrap it to keep it clear of precipitation, debris, and unwanted critters. Finally, we will put your watercraft in our winter boat storage area until the spring. Visit our shop to learn more about winterizing your boat while you explore our 8000 square foot showroom.

Returned Ready for Summer

When it is time to return your boat, we first start by getting it ready for summer. De-winterizing your boat ensures that it runs smoothly. We begin by removing the shrink wrapping and then checking over the hull before testing the engine and electrical systems.

After the tune-up, we transport your boat back to you using our boat delivery service. You are then ready to enjoy another summer of smooth sailing and quiet evenings on the water. If you have any questions about our storage process or de-winterization, give us a call; our staff is always happy to answer them.

Contact us to see why storing your boat with us is the right choice. We proudly serve customers in Lincoln County, Washington, and the surrounding areas. 



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