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Robertson Repair  

Professional Boat Repair in Lincoln County, WA

In addition to Tom's Boat Shop offering the best quality boats and marine supply, Robertson Repair also offers affordable boat repair in Lincoln County, WA, as well as maintenance services. Our experienced staff and local onsite affiliates, with over 30 years experience, provide the following:

    • Lower unit services
    • All make and model engine repair 
    • Full tune ups
    • Summerization and Winterization
    • Trailer repair
    • Shrink Wrap
    • Storage
    • Parts & accessory sales

             And much more!

Preserve the Life of Your Boat with Our Proper Maintenance

Avid boaters spend their leisure time on the open waters with the wind in their hair and the waves splashing at their faces. Unfortunately boats, like any vehicle you own, gets damaged and needs repair from time to time. Imagine being out on your fishing boat, for instance, in the middle of the lake when you realize that your feet at getting really wet. Unexpected leaks can sink a vessel in no time, leaving you to swim to safety.

There are so many benefits to finding a qualified boat repair shop when your boat needs repairs or maintenance. From routine mechanical upkeep, emergency repairs, to staying ahead of wear and tear, owning a boat is no small endeavor.

The Right Company for all Your Boat Repairs

Aside from having a functional boat, maintenance and repairs are also crucial for your safety. If you don't already have one, eventually you're going to need to find a good, reliable shop that will keep your boat ship shape. At Robertson Repair's boat repair services are recommended as it ensures quality repairs and upkeep to the various systems of your boat.

 Robertson Repair will help keep your boat running, so you can get out on the water and enjoy it. We know that boat repairs can be complicated, so when a problem crops up, rely on Robertson Repair's team to fix it so you can get back out onto the open water.

Contact us today at Robertson Repair for more information on boat repair and other services we offer. We proudly serve Lincoln County, WA, and the surrounding areas.

Robertson Repair

Owner: Erica Robertson

4 SE Bruce Ave
Wilbur, WA 99185

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